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[00:00.00]喜欢irrting.com,就把irrting.com复制到QQ个人资料中!Unit 25 taxt A
[00:04.70]Ameriacan Men Don't Cry
[00:09.27]American men don't cry because it is considered not characteristic of men to do so.
[00:18.21]Only women cry.
[00:22.65]Cry is a "weakness"characteristic of the femaleand
[00:28.81]no American male wants to be identified with anything in the least weak or feminine.
[00:36.75]Crying, in our culture, is identified with childishness
[00:44.12]with weakness and dependence.
[00:49.08]No one likes a cry baby,
[00:53.52]and we disapprove of crying even in childrend
[00:58.88]is couraging it in them as early as possible.
[01:04.44]In a land so devoted to the pursuit of happiness as ours
[01:12.02]crying really is rather un-American.
[01:17.06]Adults must learn not to cry in situations in which it is permissible for a child to cry.
[01:26.31]Women being the "weaker"and"dependent"sexit
[01:32.79]is only natural that they should cry in certain emotional situations.
[01:39.74]In women, crying is excusable.
[01:44.28]But in men, crying is a mark of weakness.
[01:49.92]So goes the American belief with regard to crying.
[01:55.70]"A little man,"we impress on our male children,"never cries.
[02:04.24]Only girls and crybabies do.
[02:08.91]And so we condition males in America not to cry whenever they feel like doing so.
[02:16.36]It is not that American males are unable to cry because of some
[02:22.84]biological time clock within them which causes thern to run downin that capacity as they older,
[02:31.69]but that they are trained not to cry.
[02:36.84]And so the"little man"controls his desire to cry
[02:43.50]and goes on doing so until he is unable to cry ecen when he wants to.
[02:50.06]Thus do we produce a trained incapacity in the American male to cry.
[02:57.92]And this is bad.
[03:02.00]Why is it bad?
[03:05.76]Because crying is a natural function of the human organism
[03:12.60]which is designed to restore the emotionally disequilibrated person
[03:19.86]to a state of equuilibrium.
[03:24.83]The return of the disequilibrated organ systems of the boby
[03:31.46]to steady states or dynamic stability is known as homeostasis.
[03:40.11]Crying serves a homeostasis function for the organism as a whole.
[03:47.47]Any interference with homo stasis
[03:53.25]is likely to be damaging to the organism
[03:58.71]And there is good reason to believe that the American male's
[04:05.66]trained incapacityto cry is seriously damaging to him.
[04:12.63]It is unnecessary to cry whenever one wants to cry,
[04:19.29]but one should be able to cry when one ought to cry-
[04:25.35]when one needs to cry.
[04:29.79]For to cry under certain emotionally disequilibrating conditions is necessary for the maintenance of health.
[04:40.66]To be human is to weep.
[04:45.94]The human species is the only one in the whole of animated naturethat sheds tears.
[04:55.99]The trained inability of any human being to weep
[05:03.36]is a lessening of his capacity to be human
[05:09.71]a defect which usually goes deeper than the mere inability to cry.
[05:17.36]And this,among other things,is what American parents
[05:24.73]with the best intentions in the world have achieved for the American male.
[05:32.38]It is very sad.If we feel like it,let us all have a good cry
[05:42.44]--and clear our minds of those cobwebs of confusion
[05:48.97]which have for so long prevented us from understanding
[05:55.42]the natural necessity of crying.
[06:01.20]Text B
[06:04.54]Stop Worrying Now!
[06:08.09]Worry is one of the most common forms of emotional distressin our culture.
[06:14.47]Almost everyone spends a considerable amount of Present moments worrying about the future.
[06:21.41]And virtually all of it is for nothing.
[06:25.18]Obsessive worry will never make things any better.
[06:30.03]In fact, such worry will very likely help you to be less effective
[06:36.09]in dealing with the present.
[06:39.57]In order to reduce worry,
[06:43.23]it is necessary to understandthe subconscious psychological "payoffs"
[06:50.98]for choosing to worry in the first place.
[06:55.14]"I can't do a thing. I'm,too worried about ..."
[07:00.78]This is a common lament,
[07:04.62]and one with a payoffthat keeps you standing still
[07:09.95]and avoiding the risk of action.
[07:14.10]Clearly, it is easier; if less rewarding,
[07:19.98]to worry than to be an activeinvolved person.
[07:25.26]By worrying about someone else,
[07:29.70]you can label yourself as a caring person
[07:34.45]Worry proves that you are a good parent or spouse
[07:40.02]("I can't help worrying--it's because I love you.").
[07:45.58]A handsome dividead,although lacking in logical, healthy thinking
[07:52.24]If you weigh too much, you may eat more when you worry;
[07:57.70]hence, you have a good reason for hanging on to the worry behavior
[08:04.47]Similarly, you may find yourself smoking more in troublesome situations
[08:11.83]and can use the worry to avoid giving up smoking.
[08:17.29]The same neurotic reward system also applies to health.
[08:24.06]It may be easier for you to worry about chest pains
[08:29.62]than to risk finding out the truth,
[08:33.88]and then having to deal directly with yourself.
[08:38.74]Worry can bring a lot of diseasessuch as tension headaches and backaches.
[08:46.31]While these may not seem to be payoffs,
[08:50.76]they do result in considerable attention from others
[08:56.03]and justify much self-pity as well.
[09:00.68]And some People would rather be pitied than fulfilled.
[09:06.04]Now that you understand the psychological support system for nerurotic worry
[09:13.19]you can begin to devise some measures
[09:18.05] for reducing the number of trouble some worry bugs that breed in this erroneous.
[09:25.99]Begin to view your present moments as times to live,
[09:31.87]rather than times to worry about the future.
[09:36.55]When you catch yourself worrying,  ask yourself,
[09:42.30]"What am I avoiding now by using up this moment with worry?"
[09:48.17]Then begin to attack whatever it is you're avoiding.
[09:54.42]A friend of mine spent a week on an island off the Connecticut cast.
[10:01.89]She enjoys taking long walks,
[10:06.62] but soon discoveredthat there were a number of dogs on the island
[10:12.26]which were allowed to run free.
[10:16.20]She decided to fight her worry that they might attack her.
[10:22.47]She carfled a rock in her handand
[10:27.12]resolved to show no fear as the dogs mine running toward her.
[10:33.08]Seeing someone who refused to hack down,they turned and ran away.
[10:40.05]While I am not encouraging dangerous behavior,
[10:45.90]I do believe that a sensibly effective challenge
[10:51.05]to worry is the most productive way to minimize its role in your life.
[10:57.61]Ask yourself over and over.
[11:02.36]"Will the future change as a result of my worrying about it?"
[11:07.92]Try to remember how many of the things you once,worried about
[11:14.17]never become real at all.
[11:17.93]Also ask yourself:
[11:21.87]"What's the worst thing that could happen to me (or them),
[11:26.92]and what is the likelihood of it occurring?"
[11:31.59]You'll discover the absurdity of most worries in this way.
[11:37.55]Act in direct conflict with your usual areas of worry.
[11:43.61]If you compulsively save for the future
[11:48.57]use some money for your own enjoyment today.
[11:53.25]Enjoy life don't waste the present with immobilizing thoughts about the future
[12:00.90]There are some techniques for minimizing worry in your life.
[12:06.47]But the most effective weapon you have is your own determination
[12:12.92]to drive this neurotic behavior away from your life.



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