[00:03.50]Lesson 58 A blessing in   disguise?
[00:10.60]First listen and thenanswer the question:
[00:15.16]Why does the vicarrefuse to cut downthe tree?
[00:20.99]The tiny village ofFrinley is said topossessa 'cursed tree'.
[00:29.10]Because the tree wasmentioned in anewspaper,
[00:32.44]the number ofvisitors to Frinleyhas now increased.
[00:36.66]The tree was plantednear the churchfifty years ago
[00:40.89]but it is only inrecent years that ithas gained an evilreputation.
[00:46.72]It is said that ifanyone touches thetree,he will havebad luck;
[00:51.66]if he picks a leaf,he will die.
[00:54.83]Many villagers believethat the tree hasalready claimed anumber of victims.
[01:00.66]The vicar has beenasked to have thetree cut down,but sofar he has refused.
[01:06.75]He has pointed outthat the tree is auseful source ofincome,
[01:11.06]as tourists havebeen coming from allparts of the countryto see it.
[01:16.25]In spite of all thathas been said,
[01:19.68]the tourists have beenpicking leaves andcutting their names onthe tree-trunk.
[01:24.79]So far,not one ofthem has been struckdown by sudden death!
[01:35.14]Lesson 59   In or out?
[01:40.59]First listen and thenanswer the question:Why did Rex run away?
[01:49.72]Our dog,Rex,used tosit outside ourfront gate and bark.
[01:56.31]Every time he wantedto come into thegarden
[01:59.60]he would bark untilsomeone opened thegate.
[02:03.32]As the neighbourscomplained of thenoise,
[02:06.32]my husband spent weekstraining him to presshis paw on the latchto let himeself in.
[02:14.31]Rex soon became anexpert at openingthe gate.
[02:18.49]However,when I wasgoing out shoppinglast week,
[02:22.93]I noticed him in thegarden near the gate
[02:26.18]This time he wasbarking so thatsomeone would lethim out!
[02:31.54]Since then,he hasdeveloped anotherbad habit.
[02:36.49]As soon as he opensthe gate from theoutside,
[02:39.66]he comes into thegarden and waitsuntil the gate shuts.
[02:44.09]Then he sits andbarks until someonelets him out.
[02:48.91]After this heimmediately letshimself in and beginsbarking again.
[02:54.61]Yesterday my husbandremoved the gate
[02:58.04]and Rex got soannoyed we have notseen him since.
[03:05.90]Lesson 60   The future
[03:12.23]First listen andthen answer thequestion:
[03:17.18]Does what MadamBellinsky said cometrue?
[03:22.50]At a village fair,Idecided to visit afortune-teller calledMadam Bellinsky.
[03:31.25]I went into her tentand she told me tosit down.
[03:35.81]After I had givenher some money,shelooked into a crystalball and said:
[03:42.27]'A relation of yoursis coming to see you.
[03:46.84]She will be arrivingthis evening andintends to stay fora few days.
[03:52.79]The moment you leavethis tent,you willget a big surprise.
[03:58.75]A woman you know wellwill rush towards you.
[04:02.93]She will speak to youand then she will leadyou away from thisplace.That is all.'
[04:11.43]As soon as I wentoutside,I forgot allabout Madam Bellinsky
[04:17.43]because my wifehurried towards me.
[04:20.30]'Where have you beenhiding?'she askedimpatiently.
[04:24.82]'Your sister will behere in less than anhour
[04:28.12]and we must be at thestation to meet her.
[04:30.61]We are late already.'
[04:33.02]As she walked away,Ifollowed her out ofthe fair.
[04:40.79]Lesson 61 Trouble with the     Hubble
[04:47.00]First listen andthen answer thequestion:
[04:52.20]What is the specialimportance of atelescope in space?
[04:58.79]The Hubble telescopewas launched intospace by NASA onApril 20,1990
[05:08.17]at a cost of over abillion dollars.
[05:12.22]Right from the startthere was troublewith the Hubble.
[05:17.17]The pictures it sentus were verydisappointing
[05:21.22]because its mainmirror was faulty!
[05:24.77]NASA is now going toput the telescoperight,
[05:28.96]so it will soon besending up fourastronauts to repairit.
[05:34.03]The shuttle Endeavourwill be taking theastronauts to theHubble.
[05:39.86]A robot-arm from theEndeavour will grabthe telescope andhold it
[05:46.36]while the astronautsmake the necessaryrepairs.
[05:50.25]Of course,the Hubbleis above the earth'satmosphere,
[05:55.83]so it will soon besending us
[05:58.28]the clearest picturesof the stars anddistant galaxies thatwe have ever seen.
[06:04.91]The Hubble will tellus a great dealabout the age andsize of the universe.
[06:11.25]By the time you readthis,
[06:14.17]the Hubble's eagle eyewill have sent us tho-usands and thousandsof wonderful pictures.
[06:23.29]Lesson 62  After the fire
[06:28.87]First listen and thenanswer the question:
[06:34.83]What was the dangerto the villagesafter the fire?
[06:41.42]Firemen had beenfighting the forestfire for nearlythree weeks
[06:47.37]before they couldget it under control.
[06:50.67]A short time before,great trees had cov-ered the countrysidefor miles around.
[06:58.02]Now,smoke still roseup from the warmground over thedesolate hills.
[07:05.63]Winter was coming on
[07:07.78]and the hillsthreatened thesurrounding villageswith destruction,
[07:12.56]for heavy rain wouldnot only wash away thesoil but would causeserious floods as well
[07:20.75]When the fire had atlast been put out,
[07:24.47]the forest authoritiesordered several tonsof a special type ofgrass-seed
[07:30.69]which would growquickly.
[07:32.88]The seed was sprayedover the ground inhuge quantities byaeroplanes.
[07:40.06]The planes had beenplanting seed fornearly a month whenit began to rain.
[07:46.78]By then,however,inmany places thegrass had alreadytaken root.
[07:52.99]In place of thegreat trees whichhad been growingthere for centuries,
[07:57.93]patches of green hadbegun to appear inthe blackened soil.
[08:05.41]Lesson 63 She was not amused
[08:12.51]First listen andthen answer thequestion:
[08:17.83]Why did Jenny wantto leave the weddingreception?
[08:22.65]Jeremy Hampden has alarge circle offriends and is verypopular at parties.
[08:29.96]Everybody admireshim for his greatsense of humour
[08:34.31]--everybody,that is,except his six-year-old daughter,Jenny.
[08:40.52]Recently,one ofJeremy's closestfriends
[08:44.77]asked him to make aspeech at a weddingreception.
[08:48.39]This is the sort ofthing that Jeremyloves.
[08:52.70]He prepared thespeech carefully andwent to the weddingwith Jenny.
[08:58.28]He had included alarge number offunny stories in thespeech
[09:03.22]and,of course,it wasa great success.
[09:06.39]As soon as he hadfinished Jenny toldhim she wanted to gohome.
[09:12.85]Jeremy was a littledisappointed by thisbut he did as hisdaughter asked.
[09:19.32]On the way home,heasked Jenny if she hadenjoyed the speech.
[09:25.66]To his surprise shesaid she hadn't.
[09:30.35]Jeremy asked her whythis was so
[09:34.40]and she told him thatshe did not like tosee so many peoplelaughing at him!
[09:42.90]Lesson 64 The Channel Tunnel
[09:49.36]First listen and thenanswer the question:Why was the firsttunnel not completed?
[10:00.39]In 1858,a Frenchengineer,Aime Thomede Gamond,



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