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[00:00.00]人人听英语(irrting.com)Talk show host: Good evening and welcome to tonight's program.
[00:02.63]Our guest is the world-known Dr.Charles Adams, who has sparked a great deal of attention over the past several years for his research in the area of language learning.
[00:08.48]我们的嘉宾是文明全世的Charles Adams博士,在过去的几年里,由于他在语言学方面的调查与研究得到了大量的闪亮的关注。
[00:14.33]His new book Learning a Language over Eggs and Toast, has been on the best seller list for the past six weeks Welcome to our program.
[00:22.68]Dr.Adams: Ah, it's a pleasure to be here.
[00:24.88]Talk show host: Now Dr.Adams Tell us about the title of your book, Learning a Language over Eggs and Toast.
[00:31.21]Dr.Adams: Well , one of most important keys to learning another language is to establish a regular study program,
[00:37.48]like planning a few minutes every morning around breakfast time .
[00:41.08]Talk show host : Now ,sorry for saying this but your ideas may sound a little simplistic to our audience.
[00:46.66]I mean I took Spanish in high school for four years and I didn't become a proficient speaker of the language.
[00:52.81]Dr.Adams: Well , I think there are many people that feel that way ,and that's just it,
[00:57.60]I'm not implying that we can become people fluent speakers in a matter of a few minutes here and there.
[01:02.64]but rather a regular ,consistent ,and focused course of study can help us on the way to the promised language of language mastery.
[01:10.92]and remember there is a difference between native fluency and proficiency in a language, and I am proposing the latter.
[01:18.16]Talk show host: So what are some of the basic keys you are suggesting ?
[01:22.15]Dr.Adams: Well, as I just mentioned ,people need to plan out their study by setting realistic and attainable goals from the beginning.
[01:30.14]I mean ,some people get caught up the craze of learning the language in 30 days,
[01:35.40]only to become disenchanted when they don't perform up their expectations.
[01:40.98]And small steps ,little by little ,are the key.
[01:44.65]For example ,planning to learn five new vocabulary words a day and to learn to use them actively is far better than learning 30 and forgetting them the next day.
[01:55.27]Talk show host: Um-hum. Now you mentioned something about maximizing your learning potential by learning about your own individal learning styles.
[02:03.44]Could you elaborate on that?
[02:05.32]Dr.Adams;Sure .People often have different ways of learning and approach learning tasks differently.
[02:11.29]Some people are visual learners who prefer to see models of the patterns they are expected to learn;
[02:17.02]other are auditory learners who favor hearing instructions,for example over reading them.
[02:22.96]Now ,our preferences are determined by many factors for example,personality ,culture,and past exerience.
[02:31.60]Talk Show Host:Well ,Dr.Adams. What is your learning style?
[02:34.62]Dr.Adams: Well ,I'm a very tactile learner.
[02:37.36]Talk show host: You mean one who learns through hands-on experience?
[02:42.11]Tald show host: So how does knowing your learning style benefit you?
[02:45.71]Dr.Adams:Well ,this might seem a little unusual,but moving around while trying to learn and memorize material helps me a great deal.
[02:53.38]While I cut up tomatoes and onions for my omelet in the morning ,
[02:56.65]I might recite aloud vocabulary to the rhythm of the knife .
[02:59.86]But it is important to remember that often our learning styles are not singular in nature,
[03:05.54]but are often very multidimensional ,and we tend to learn differently in different stiuations.
[03:11.41]Talk show host ;So what is my learning style?
[03:13.10]Dr.Adams ;Well,you're going to have to read my book to find out.
[03:16.38]Talk show host:Okay ,We have just found out from Dr.Charles Adams,author of the book,Learning Languages over Eggs and Toast.Thank for joining us.
[03:20.56]行,我们从Charles Adams博士,在鸡蛋和面包上学习语言的作者身上找出来。谢谢你们的加入。
[03:24.73]Dr.Adams: My pleasure.
[03:25.92]spark:   to start or begin suddenly
[03:27.67]闪光: 突然开始的发光。
[03:29.41]His comments sparked a lot of controversy.
[03:33.77]imply ;   suggesting or learning someone to believe
[03:38.12]I'm not implying that you shouldn't take the job ,Just think about it a little more before accepting the position.
[03:42.08]我并不是暗示不是你不应该管那份工作,在 接受之前你应该稍微想一下。
[03:46.04]disenchant: disappointed or disillusioned with a feeling of not having been told the truth.
[03:49.66]使清醒: 在没有告诉真理的情况下有一种失望或醒悟的感觉。
[03:53.28]He became disenchanted with life overseas and soon returned to his country.
[03:59.22]elaborate : explain in more detail .
[04:00.93]详细描述: 更详细地解释。
[04:02.64]Could you elaborate on your ideas on starting your company?
[04:07.46]tactile :the idea of touching
[04:09.23]触觉的: 摸的感觉
[04:10.99]He is a very tactile learner and always benefits from hands-on activities like building things.



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