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[00:04.10]I hear you're going to L.A.
[00:08.46]I hear you're going to L.A.
[00:14.34]Yea,I am.
[00:17.50]When are you leaving?
[00:23.82]Are you flying?
[00:26.98]No,I decided to drive.
[00:30.82]I hear you're returining to Taiwan.
[00:36.57]Yes,I am.
[00:39.81]Are you going to stay there permanently?
[00:43.96]No,I'm just visiting my mother for a month.
[00:48.61]How are you going?
[00:51.88]Flying,of course.
[00:55.33]I hear you bought a new house.
[01:00.79]Yes,I did.
[01:03.84]Are you happy with it?
[01:07.21]Yes,It's big and comfortable.
[01:11.16]Is it close to your office?
[01:15.02]No,but there's convenient transportation.
[01:19.28]SITUATION 77
[01:24.14]What's on your mind?
[01:28.29]You've told me three times now that Jane bought a new mink coat.
[01:36.16]She got it on sale.
[01:39.92]What's on your mind?You have a mink coat!
[01:45.27]Yes,but it's so old.I hate it!
[01:49.92]I think it still looks good.
[01:54.00]That's because you're not a woman!
[01:57.94]Susan,you've been very quiet lately.What's on your mind?
[02:06.20]Oh,I'm worriedd about taking my driving test.
[02:11.24]I thought you took driving lessons.
[02:15.18]I did,but I really need to practice more so I can feel confident.
[02:21.24]I'm not busy this weekend .
[02:25.32]Why don't we go for a long ride out in the country?
[02:29.97]Oh,could we?I'd love it.
[02:34.10]Mr,Jones,may I speak to you?
[02:40.37]Sure,Mr.Kao.What's on you mind?
[02:45.93]Well,sir,I've been here for two years.
[02:51.39]Yes.Aren't you happy here?
[02:56.35]Oh yes,sir!
[02:59.83]But I'd like to be considered for that opening in the sales department.
[03:05.89]You should speak with Don Smith.He's in charge of that depart ment.
[03:12.84]SITUATION 78
[03:17.28]I'm just browsing.
[03:21.33]Are you being helped?
[03:25.58]No,I'm just browsing.
[03:29.84]If you need any help,my name is Jane.
[03:34.52]Fine,thank you.Do you carry tapered shirts?
[03:40.58]Yes,we do.What size do you need?
[03:44.84]A 15 1/2.
[03:48.39]Fran,do you want to take a ride to Field's?
[03:54.55]I'd love to,but I'm broke this week.
[03:59.52]So am I,but I like browing through their housewares department.
[04:05.68]Are you sure you're only going to browse?
[04:10.25]I have no choice.I don't have a charge card and I have no momey.
[04:16.21]Then I guess you're going to browse.
[04:20.75]Jill,I'll meet you in the men's wear department.
[04:27.60]What floor is it on?
[04:31.12]I'm not sure.I'll have to check the directory.
[04:36.40]Do you need sportswear?
[04:39.95]No,but they're having a sale.I want to brown around.
[04:45.70]Maybe I'll join you.
[04:49.15]SITUATION 79
[04:53.90]I got sick and tired of hotels.
[04:59.05]I heard you took a trip to the States.
[05:05.50]Yes,I did.
[05:08.66]How did you like it?
[05:11.93]I got sick and tired of hotels and hotel food.
[05:17.18]I can imagine.How long were you there?
[05:22.14]Tow weeks.
[05:24.99]Hi,Bill.Where's Jane?
[05:30.03]We're not seeing each other anymore.
[05:34.76]What happened?
[05:38.02]I got sick and tired of listening to her complain.
[05:43.28]I didn't realize she was that type of person.
[05:48.03]In the beginning,neigther did I.
[05:52.39]How about lunch?
[05:57.83]Sure.Where do you want to eat?
[06:01.87]Anywhere,except Arnold's
[06:06.13]Why not Arnold's?
[06:09.50]I'm sick and tired of eating there.
[06:13.94]I'd like to try someplace different for a change.
[06:18.98]I don't blame you.
[06:22.46]SITUATION 80
[06:26.72]Same here.
[06:30.56]Are you ready to order?
[06:34.81]What's the special of the day?
[06:39.39]T-bone steak,with soup or salad.
[06:43.64]That sounds good.Make it medium,please,
[06:49.00]and I'll have the salad with Thousand Island dressing.
[06:53.96]Thank you.And you,sir?
[06:57.80]Same here.
[07:01.07]What do you recommend?
[07:07.42]The roast beef is very good,sir .So is the fried chicken.
[07:12.98]I'll have the chicken.
[07:16.53]Fine.And how about you?
[07:21.21]Same here,and I'll have a large coke.
[07:23.73]我也 一样,我还要一大杯的可乐。
[07:26.25]I'll have coffee.
[07:30.01]I'd like a hamburger,fries and a large Pepsi,please.
[07:37.17]And you,sir?
[07:40.64]I'll have the same.
[07:44.40]Oh,I'd like some coffee first.
[07:48.35]How about you?
[07:51.98]Noec for me,thanks.



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