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[00:00.00]人人听英语(irrting.com)mitigate--monster A full-blown drunk
[00:05.69]Dick moaned.He had no mobility in his body and momentary dizziness.
[00:14.05]So he rested a little longer.
[00:17.82]When he got enough momentum to get up, however,
[00:22.86]he quickly monitored his situation.
[00:27.01]Yep,he had failed last night to drink in moder ation.
[00:32.05]A mixture of gin, whisky and rum could be smelled in his breath.
[00:38.11]"A modification in plans." He had said to his wife."
[00:43.39]"Just a modest level of drinking,okay?"
[00:47.75]But she could see what mode he was in,
[00:52.92]ignored his ongoing monologue and went back to the tiny module they lived in
[00:59.59]to get away from the monster that she had married.
[01:04.13]There wasn' t a single molecule of compassion left in her.
[01:10.09]He hadn't noticed the moisture in her eyes or even her departure.
[01:16.46]It was actually quite momentous that she left.
[01:21.71]She had endured their monotonous marriage much too long.
[01:27.17]She kept blaming it on mitigating circumstances.
[01:32.13]But now she had finally modified her view enough to understand
[01:37.88]that he was not a moderate alcoholic, but a full-blown drunk!
[01:43.94]And now he was on his own.
[01:47.28]Back in the alley Dick was still trying to get mobile.
[01:53.21]He kept falling down, however,and eventually decided to just sleep it off.
[02:00.97]When he awoke the next day he couldn't remember anything.
[02:06.75]He went home to find his wife and she was gone.
[02:12.00]"Well that calls for another drink!"
[02:16.07]He said as he staggered back out in the direction of the nearest bar.
[02:21.84]monument--mundane The monument
[02:30.10]There were a multitude of reasons
[02:35.06]why the locals living in the multistory apartment surrounding the area
[02:41.23]didn't like the newest monument in the park.
[02:45.67]First,the motif was too morbid.
[02:49.93]Statues of guys having their heads cut off
[02:54.68]didn't motivate anyone to improve morality.
[02:59.64]Second,it was just too mundane;other events were more worthy of recognition.
[03:08.40]And third,the motto was weak,"Remember the headless."
[03:14.93]What was that supposed to mean?
[03:19.18]Other people who frequented the park
[03:23.76]complained that the monument had changed the mood of visitors,
[03:28.90]even contributing to the increased activity of muggers.
[03:33.86]They pointed out that the base of the monument had a great hiding spot
[03:39.92]where thieves could gather and hide.
[03:43.97]The ground was often muddy there,
[03:48.05]but that was because local troublemakers were using it as a bathroom.
[03:54.29]And the statues always seemed to have mould on them.
[04:00.85]City maintenance workers could clean them as often as possible
[04:07.33]and still not get rid of it.
[04:10.78]The morale of locals sunk pretty low.
[04:15.01]When mortgage rates declined,however,
[04:20.47]it was no surprise that a motion was made to remove the monument.
[04:25.93]Officials muddled through the process in a typical bureaucratic fashion.
[04:32.27]And it seemed like it would take forever.
[04:36.85]But the motivation of the locals multiplied exponentially
[04:43.38]when multiple bodies were found murdered at the base of the monument.
[04:49.02]At the tearing down ceremony a multifaceted crowd gathered.
[04:55.37]They cheered,drank wine,and passed out flowers to each other.
[05:01.14]Hope was restored when the monument fell.
[05:05.58]And who cared about a bunch of headless revolutionaries anyhow!
[05:11.14]municipal--navigate The mythical creature
[05:21.31]As the director of the municipal waste plant
[05:27.68]navigated through the musty waters behind the plant
[05:33.04]he began to think that he had maybe been a little too naive.
[05:39.10]Mysterious things had been happening in,this swamp;
[05:44.14]maybe the mystical creature that locals had been talking about wasreal?
[05:50.69]He didn't know,
[05:53.54]but he had a nasty desire to find that myth and bring it in.
[05:58.97]When the director had used all of his naval skills to get deep into the swamp
[06:06.42]where the waters were no longer navigable,
[06:10.57]he mustered all of this courage and stepped out into the water.
[06:16.82]He and the swamp had a mutual hatred for each other
[06:23.29]and he was sure that some snake or crocodile was just waiting to bite him.
[06:30.06]When he looked around be saw a myriad of strange plants.
[06:36.12]One mushroom was larger than his head!
[06:40.88]But he wasn' t here for a narrative about swamp vegetation;
[06:46.44]he was here to solve a mystery.
[06:50.88]He was here,namely to put an end to swamp mythology.
[06:57.25]That was when he heard a strange musical sound coming from behind some trees.
[07:04.20]There,standing in a clearing,was a naked creature dancing and singing.
[07:11.07]The director was astonished;it was ugly,obviously a mutation of some kind.
[07:18.73]He pulled out his gun and took aim.
[07:23.48]Then the creature saw him and all of the muscles in its body went into action.
[07:30.85]It leaped across the clearing and knocked the gun from the director's hands.
[07:37.33]It reached up to strike him and then said in a hoarse voice.
[07:43.20]"Now do you see what your plant has done to me?"
[07:48.17]And with that the creature turned and ran away.
[07:52.71]The director retired and never came to the swamp again.
[07:58.64]The myth was real. Sometimes they are!
[08:04.00]necessitate--Nordic A Nordic nightmare
[08:12.54]"This nocturnal creature is originally from a Nordic country."
[08:19.80]Argued the wildlife biologist to his peers.
[08:24.48]"That's what makes it so unique and such a nightmare for people."
[08:30.43]No one ever thinks that there are dangerous night creatures up north.
[08:36.00]They're used to large nontoxic animals, like wolves and bears.
[08:42.55]So they know how to navigate around niches
[08:47.60]where bears sight be, avoid bees' nests and not carry nectar on their person.
[08:54.96]But they never think about creatures in the air.
[08:59.32]Not at least until now.
[09:03.45]"Now people are determined to meutralize this noble creature"
[09:10.58]simply because they don't like its negative characteristics.
[09:15.94]They have nominated it as the number one pest
[09:21.29]and even given a derogatory nickname!
[09:26.15]They need to know, nevertheless,
[09:31.01]that its negative characteristics don't necessitate its destruction to nil.
[09:38.09]There are some advantages to the creature.
[09:42.95]It eats,for example, mosquitoes,
[09:47.31]rats and other bugs that sometimes make people sick.
[09:52.46]"And it only bites humans out of necessity."
[09:58.70]If something bigger and larger were trying to kill you,wouldn't you fight back?
[10:04.94]If bitten,the venom only affects the nerves slowly anyhow
[10:12.02]and is cured by a simple glass of lemonade.
[10:16.46]The risk to a human life is really quite negligible.
[10:22.94]I think,therefore, that we should spend less time niggling
[10:28.90]about how to kill this creature
[10:32.66]and negotiate with the public instead to try learning how to live with it.
[10:38.51]"If we neglect this opportunity to educate people
[10:44.15]and let this species be destroyed,"
[10:48.10]we will regret it forever!
[10:51.96]norm--nuisance The note of a nuisance
[11:02.00]It was notable that the most notorious nuisance to society
[11:09.73]was actually frequently overcome with nostalgia.
[11:15.50]This meant that he was not as noxious of a character
[11:21.06]as he was portrayed in the press
[11:25.51]and closer to the norm than suspected.
[11:30.08]Several novels had also been written about him
[11:35.64]that exaggerated his nuances.
[11:40.19]And he didn't like this,but the public devoured the books like nourishment,
[11:46.72]adding to his notoriety.
[11:50.58]But the novelty of being famous for being bad was wearing off, and even now,
[11:59.23]as the man was riding a northbound train to a small village in upstate New York,
[12:06.31]he was thinking of notifying the press that he was retiring.
[12:11.95]His notion of happiness had changed
[12:17.12]and now he just wanted to live quietly
[12:21.17]and nourish himself from the produce of a small farm.
[12:26.34]The notion would have made him laugh even a year ago,
[12:31.80]but he took up some paper and began to write a note
[12:37.16]that he would mail to a well-known reporter who was also notably as his brother.
[12:44.42]As he finished his notation he raised his nourishing drink to his lips.
[12:53.17]A passing young man bumped into him, however,
[12:58.74]and the glass slammed into his nostrils.
[13:02.81]The pain and surprise was great.
[13:07.17]That's when his notional images flew from his mind,
[13:13.13]he stood up in anger and threw the young man from the train.
[13:18.77]Looking back in at the fear on the faces of the passengers
[13:25.12]he handed the note to a woman too terrified to speak.
[13:30.40]"Get this to my brother" He said.
[13:35.44]And then he jumped from the train and out of the eye of the public.
[13:41.00]Some say he moved to Mexico.
[13:45.86]I think he still lives right here in New York State!
[13:51.43]numerate--observation An obese woman
[14:01.69]Bella needed a more nurturing environment.
[14:08.07]As she numerated
[14:12.14]the reasons to leave society and move to some obscure desert oasis,
[14:18.80]she made an oath to tell no one.
[14:22.33]They would just laugh anyhow.
[14:27.06]She was obese and the object of constant obnoxious teasing.
[14:33.72]She had no friends and,as far as Bella had ever known,
[14:39.88]she had been objectified as a fat worthless person since the day she was horn.
[14:47.01]They would have no objections to her leaving;
[14:52.97]they would in fact probably be oblivious that she was gone. So be it.
[14:59.94]Bella took her obedient dog,Max,and left immediately.
[15:07.31]Arriving at a remote desert town
[15:12.59]she realized that her obesity was still a problem.
[15:17.55]Numerous residents looked at her like she was worthless
[15:22.80]and she knew that teasing would follow.
[15:26.85]She had to find another place.
[15:31.11]When she was dropped off on an oblong island with no other inhabitants,
[15:39.96]the airplane pilot laughed and yelled "Good luck" as he flew away.
[15:46.21]He had a smirk on his face.
[15:50.36]She was obliged to wave back,but then she was finally alone.
[15:57.02]Here there were no obligations to society
[16:02.98]and her only objective was survival.
[16:07.24]She would have to live off the nutrients of the local vegetation
[16:13.19]and catch her own fish.
[16:16.35]There was no way she would ever eat Max!
[16:21.39]Returning back to the mainland two years later,
[16:28.06]beautiful,thin Bella became a well known nutrition expert.
[16:34.01]No one ever made the observation that she had once been obese. No one cared.
[16:42.37]They all wished they could be as beautiful as she was!
[16:47.33]observe--ominous Ominous rumblings
[16:57.50]The ominous rumblings from a once-dormant volcano were a bad omen.
[17:07.66]The town at its base was immediately declared off-limits
[17:13.72]and all occupants were evacuated.
[17:18.08]The oligopoly that had failed to control the market of the town
[17:26.86]became obsolete and one man was put in charge,Mr.Red.
[17:33.31]Mr.Red became obsessed with keeping people from returning to town,
[17:40.39]even when the volcano stopped rumbling.
[17:45.14]He put obstacles up on the road,
[17:49.79]he made it a criminal offence to be caught there,
[17:54.52]and he even put people in jail for arguing with him.
[17:59.69]He said they were there because they had become an obstruction to justice
[18:06.85]But no one could ever obtain permission to renew occupancy
[18:13.09]and former residents began to complain about Mr.Red's obsessive behavior.
[18:20.75]They even observed that Mr.Red
[18:25.40]had increased the occurrence of his own visits back into town.
[18:30.99]That was definitely odd and off-haned comments were made
[18:37.75]that they should offer Mr.Red an opportunity to retire or be fired.
[18:44.81]The next day everyone gathered their offspring and set out for town together.
[18:52.96]When they smelled an odd odor on the outside of town, however,
[18:59.02]their desire to return was almost off-set.
[19:03.98]Something strange had happened.
[19:07.95]They were all shocked to see the town when they arrived!
[19:13.20]Women screamed and men broke down and cried.
[19:18.27]It had been destroyed and not by a volcano.
[19:23.91]Mr.Red had rebuilt the town in his image.
[19:30.16]He smiled and welcomed them home!
[19:34.13]If the police had not been surrounding him he would have been murdered.
[19:39.77]As it turned out,no one ever returned to occupy the town.
[19:46.64]An eruption destroyed everything the following year
[19:51.89]and Mr.Red was left,destitute.
[19:56.46]omite--order The operation
[20:05.60]Michelle knew something onerous was happening
[20:12.08]when her vision became opaque.
[20:15.74]She omitted to inform her parents for months,however,
[20:21.59]and only told them when her eyes began to ooze.
[20:26.55]They rushed her to the hospital and an operation was planned for the next day.
[20:32.72]Ever the optimist,
[20:36.77]Michelle did not feel oppressed by the threat of blindness.
[20:42.12]The optic experts orchestrated a marvelous team of doctors.
[20:49.38]A few opted to not participate.
[20:54.14]They opposed the use of the new optical tools that the team favored.
[21:00.90]They said that optimum success would occur with traditional instruments.
[21:07.57]The head doctor disagreed,however,
[21:12.53]saying that that was not an option.
[21:17.18]His orders stood firm.
[21:21.02]When the opponents talked to Michelle she almost lost her optimism,
[21:28.57]she could sense the ooset of blindness and she was becoming scared.
[21:34.52]But their concerns had the opposite effect,
[21:40.69]Michelle and her parents only wanted to use the newest methods.
[21:46.75]The head doctor had persuaded them earlier that this was the best course of action.
[21:54.19]When the surgery began,
[21:59.24]the experts orbited Michelle like satellites around the earth.
[22:04.98]They operated for hours and the ongoing tension in the air became oppressive.
[22:12.06]After they had rotated teams twice the surgery was declared a success.
[22:19.43]The doctors congratulated each other.
[22:23.69]Michelle awoke the following day to extreme pain in her eyes.
[22:30.06]The doctors were all called back and Michelle went into surgery again.
[22:36.41]Everyone lost in the end.
[22:40.38]The new technology had destroyed her eyes completely!
[22:45.71]Now she would be blind forever!
[22:49.47]Michelle learned to live with blindness,
[22:55.22]the technology was banned and the head doctor was stripped of his license.
[23:01.28]Not all surgeries have happy endings!
[23:05.85]organ--outnumber Outbreak in the Outback!
[23:16.61]The outfit had only been in the outback for several weeks
[23:24.26]when they lost their orientation.
[23:28.34]They had oriented themselves earlier to Ayers Rock,
[23:33.98]but that had disappeared somehow and there was nothing to see but desert.
[23:40.46]Their outlook was dim.
[23:44.22]They were just oscillating about
[23:48.48]whether to continue or turn back to where they had originated that day
[23:55.25]when Mills came upon a small stream outlet.
[24:00.31]They all drank heartily.
[24:03.97]When they looked aborigines surrounded them.
[24:10.03]Several were dressed in beautiful but up simple ornamentation
[24:16.09]and one was wearing a belt made of animal organs.
[24:20.85]Clearly outnumbered,
[24:24.50]Mills held up his hands and made an outline of Ayers Rock in the air.
[24:30.96]They understood and pointing in one direction turned to go the other.
[24:37.83]They seemed otherwise unwilling to help.
[24:42.37]Just then there was an outbreak of commotion among the aborigines
[24:49.63]and one of them came running over to Calloway,one of the members of the outfit.
[24:56.11]The outcry of the aborigine was great
[25:01.26]and their group was suddenly quite upset.
[25:05.93]"This man is an outlaw to us."
[25:10.61]Said one aborigine suddenly in very orthodox English.
[25:16.67]"He stole some valuable ornaments from another tribe."
[25:22.23]They ousted him from the area but now he's back!
[25:27.51]We can't let him leave again!
[25:30.96]Members of the outfit looked at Calloway in a new light.
[25:37.83]He hadn't been one of the more outgoing members of the group,
[25:42.87]but he had been reliable.
[25:46.53]No one wanted to let the aborigines take him,but they had no choice.
[25:52.88]"We'll take you back to your original location"
[25:58.62]and then you can tell local police what we're doing.
[26:03.38]They know we're looking for him!



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